How to Make the Most of your Man Cave

These days having a garden shed doesn’t just mean having a place to stash your lawnmower and other garden tools, it’s a real opportunity to create a personal space that will provide you with somewhere to relax and chill out. This is why turning your garden shed into a man cave has become such a popular option.

Modern building practices have led to many homes being smaller than they used to be – not just the building, but the rooms too. It’s often a challenge to fit everything a family needs into a newly-built property and the space needed to use as an office or hobby shop just isn’t available. This is where a garden shed can come to the rescue – you can use the shed as extra living space.

For the man of the family, creating a chill out space in your shed is a great way of availing yourself of some personal space where you can go and relax or get some work done in peace, without being disturbed by family life.

If you have electricity in the shed, then setting it up as a workshop or office is easy – it’s just a matter of adding a desk, some shelving and a couple of chairs and you’re set up is complete. If you work from home (either full time or part of the time), then going outside to get to your office will psychologically prepare you for work and you’re less likely to be interrupted than if you remain in the house.

If you want to provide yourself with some leisure space for relaxation, add a couple of comfy armchairs, a bookcase and a small TV and you have your own small bachelor pad! If you plan on entertaining, you can even add a small bar and a mini fridge so that you have all the comfort you need just a few steps away from your house.

The humble shed has evolved in recent years and you can now add insulation, damp-proofing, power and heating to provide yourself with all the amenities you need to relax and have a good time whenever you feel the need for a bit of space.