Getting Down to Business in the Shed

The humble shed is enjoying a popular revival, in part due to the gig economy and the increasing number of people starting their own business from home.  While working from a home office shed sounds like fun (after all, you can work in your pyjamas if you want), getting into work mode can be challenging and people are looking for ways to overcome this.  Some will dress in office attire and leave the house, walk around the block and return in full-on work mode.

Some are choosing to work from home but from outside the house, in the shed.  It’s a great way of striking the right balance between work and home and provides you with a space where all your work equipment is safe from interference by sticky little fingers.

Businesses being run from sheds have been dubbed “start-up sheddies” and small scale producers are cashing in by growing plants and vegetables for sale, keeping bees and even rearing animals in some cases.  Some are making up to £5,000 per year from their produce and the shed economy is booming.  From design studios, music studios and hobby sellers, backyard businesses are on the increase.  This is because it’s a great way to start a business with very few start-up costs – the premises are already in place.

Whether it’s a budding author writing a first book, a seamstress making money from a much loved hobby or a beekeeper producing local honey, working from a shed makes sense for those who want to launch a side-line business to increase household income.  Starting in a shed seems to be a popular and low cost option nowadays, an option which is increasingly popular as people struggle to face the challenges of an uncertain economy.

We have a home office shed, in all shapes and sizes – all you need is the business idea that will set you on the path to success.

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