Personalising your Garden Shed – the only Limit is your Imagination!

If you have a garden shed, perhaps you’ve been following the annual “Shed of the Year” competition which is sponsored by Cuprinol and features in its very own Channel 4 programme which is followed by the garden and shed enthusiast far and wide. We’ve already shown our readers just how much you can achieve in a humble shed and brought you some information on how to make the most of a man-cave in the garden. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the amazing sheds that feature in the Shed of the Year programme which showcases some of the best and most unusual sheds in the world.

One guy has built himself an “eco-shed” where he keeps house plants, insects and a beehive – he even pickles vegetables on the roof of the shed! There is a Tardis shed (complete with life-size Dalek guarding the entrance) that features a tiny blue Police Box entrance way before opening up into a comfortable place to hang out. Not to be beaten, one imaginative shed owner has created a cinema shed, aptly named “Back to the Future”.

A forward thinking designer now runs her business from a shed studio, decorated in bright colours and featuring home accessories, including rugs and cushions for extra comfort. Sam Fender (what a serendipitous name), a musician on Radio X’s “one to watch in 2018” list has turned his garden shed into a music studio, housing an amp, speakers and, of course, his electric guitar.

Historic sheds (not old ones, but ones which concentrate on history) include an Anglo-Saxon inspired shed which houses Europe’s largest privately-owned medieval construction while another shed in a decommissioned RAF base nuclear bunker is chock full of Vietnam memorabilia. One man in Denbighshire has even created a shed that revolves throughout the day, following the sun for maximum light!

A shed can be whatever you want it to be – a storage space, a hobby studio, a bolt-hole or just an oasis of calm in a busy world. We supply the sheds, the rest of it is up to your imagination and, as you can see, the world really is your oyster.