How to Add Electricity to a Garden Shed

Power up Your Shed

Many sheds live a quiet happy life tucked away, nestled in the corner of a garden. They may house tools and boxes and serve as a convenient storage area. For those who have more ambitious roles, there may be a need for more extensive electricity and circuitry. Many will be tempted to attempt the modification as a do-it-yourself project.

You should have an experienced electrician oversee and make sure the job is done safely and properly. Given the circumstances, an electrician will be able to choose the best gauge of SWA cable, or steel wire armoured cable. This cable will be used to run power for the property to the shed. It can be buried in the ground if necessary as it is impervious to water damage and rotting. Because there are steps that require a skilled electrician, it is recommended that you hire one for this project.


Have a Plan

It is important before you begin work to have a plan. You should ask questions like, for what purpose am I using the shed? If it is to store tools, maybe you will only need a few outlets to plug in basic electrical tools and an overhead light. If you are creating an artist’s space, then you may want significantly more overhead lights. Another thing to consider is how many sockets will you need? Calculate for both inside the shed and outside as well. Once you understand how the space will be used, you can determine the layout of the light fixtures and sockets.

Once you have a plan in place, give it one more look-over and make sure you didn’t miss any details, then it is time to get going. By communicating in advance with an electrician, you can be sure your shed upgrade will go well.