What Is a Garden Room?

What Is A Garden Room & What Is It Used For?A garden room is a room that you add on to your home. It usually contains lots of plants, vegetables or flowers. The difference between a garden room and a garden shed is that the garden room is a custom built structure with a lot more special details. It resembles a conservatory but it definitely takes a lot less work to build. In a garden room, you can relax and appreciate the foliage, flowers and complexities of garden plants. It is a perfect room to read in, think in, and reflect in.

Planning a Design

If you are thinking about getting one, the first thing to think about is whether the room is for you or for the plants. The answer to this question will help drive the design process. If it is for you then you may include something like a carpet. If it is for the plants, you may choose to go with tile instead.

Tiles are better for plants and you will also need to install drainage, perhaps a drain or two. Ventilation is very important but make sure the ventilation does not leave your home vulnerable to thieves.

Having a garden room should feel like a natural extension of the home. It should flow nicely with the existing structure and design. Good planning will make it so you navigate effortlessly between the dwelling and the garden room. Another thing to keep in mind is the direction of the sun. If the sun does not shine in the room, heating may become an issue.

Remember these rooms are a home to living, breathing entities. It isn’t simply an extra bedroom. The living organisms need to be considered during the design and construction phase in order to get the most benefit out of this beautiful addition.

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