Your Options for a Base for a Log Cabin

Log Cabin: Your Options For Bases For Your Log Cabins A log cabin is a rewarding project, whether it is for a permanent home, a temporary home, or a quaint vacation escape. Of course, no house can stand properly without an adequate foundation. For your typical log cabin project, you have two basic options for a base: poured concrete and paving slabs.

First Things First: Level Ground

The base, regardless of the material of choice, needs to be set on level ground. A good amount of the time you spend on making your base will be invested in making sure the ground on which it is installed is nice and level. To do this, you will need to find points at the same height for each corner of the foundation. This can be adequately accomplished with a long level and some string. However, it would be better to do it the old-fashioned way and use a water level. A water level is essentially a long, clear tube filled most of the way with water. The water always stays level, so you just have to mark the water position at one end and then the other.

Poured Concrete: The Better Choice

After getting the ground level, you need to lay the actual foundation. Poured concrete is preferable to paving slabs. It sets easier, levels out easier, and it is easier to build on top of. Also, it eliminates the possibility of grass or roots growing up through the middle of your foundation.

You can possibly DIY the project yourself with some preparation, hard work, and a lot of patience. Getting a professional to do it will definitely save you time and possible headaches, however. Either way, make sure the foundation is perfectly level and sound. This way, the other components of the log cabin will be both consistently positioned and architecturally strong.

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