5 Popular Questions about Garden Sheds

The presence of a garden shed means that your home or property is suited to storage, gardening, and other products. Yet, take even a moment to consider building or buying a shed and there are likely to be many questions to pop into your thoughts. Below are five of the most common, with answers to help you along the way!

Should we build or buy our shed?

Building a shed may seem simple, but it is just as challenging as building any other structure. With options for garden sheds, garages, and even insulated buildings in many styles, it makes sense to work with experts who can help you choose the look, cladding, and size and bring it directly to your garden.

Which type of shed is best for our garden?

This is a very subjective issue and what is right for the neighbour is not always ideal for you. Start with the overall size of the garden and space available. Then, consider the style of the home and a shed that will coordinate. Think about features like doors and windows, roofing, and any extras. Once you have done that, you are on the right track to the best shed.

What can we store in a shed?

Again, it is subjective and depends upon the building chosen. As a prime example, if you choose an insulated building or shed, it can become a room that is used all year long for hobbies or even as a playroom. Uninsulated garages and sheds, though, can also store garden equipment, seasonal furniture, personal belongings, and more.

What varieties of doors are available?

You will find single and double-wide doors are available, though there are many other choices in both doors and windows from premium providers.

How long does it take for a garage or shed to be ordered and erected?

A premium provider will be able to be on the premises within a fortnight and a building should be able to be completed in less than a day. Smaller sheds may take as little as an hour!

At C&S Sheds, you can find a wide array of garages, sheds, and buildings ideal for gardens or properties of any size.