3 Tips for Shed Organisation

If you are ready to have a new garden shed built on your property, it is likely that you have a lot of items to go inside? If you are similar to many other property owners, you may not realise how quickly even a spacious shed fills with personal possessions and garden equipment. It may sound like a peculiar suggestion, but it is very wise to organise and map out the way you’ll handle storage even before that shed arrives.

Below are our three favourite shed organisation tips to help you make the most of every centimetre of space:

Buy Bins – It may seem counterproductive to build a shed for additional storage, and then purchase further bins and boxes for the space, but they can make any amount of property more manageable and organised. As an example, think of the items you keep for display during the annual Christmas holidays. While many may be stored or sorted into boxes, it is not advisable to keep them loose and unorganised. Tuck them into nicely sized bins and keep them all together in the garage. That way, you can carry them easily into the home, dust-free and ready for use, when the season returns every year. The same can be said of boxes of trinkets, photos, and other items

Install shelving – Wall-mounted shelves are excellent for shed organisation, and if you are savvy enough to purchase a steel-framed structure, those beams can hold a great deal of weight. Shelving should be at a comfortable and safe height with the lightest items at the top

Think hangers – Bicycles, garden tools, and any number of larger items can be suspended from hooks and hangers. Investing in them frees floor space and enables you to make the very most of your new garden shed’s storage options

That is only three suggestions, you can also use outer walls for some items, and even invest in a larger, two-door building to keep garden machines away from more delicate items.

At C&S Sheds you will find many options in sheds along with “extras” for organising them effectively.

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