Turn a Shed into a Personal Space

By now, many have heard of the American innovation known as the “man cave,” or the “she shed.” Both phrases are used by homeowners throughout the U.S. to describe garden sheds that have been taken over by one member of the household and used as a private sanctuary. Whether it is a man cave dedicated to viewing sports events or the shed that is used for painting or hobbies, there will be common steps needed to convert the space properly.

If you are interested in turning your garden shed into one of these private sanctuaries or installing a new shed and making it a bespoke space from the moment it arrives, there are some universal steps necessary. They include:

  • Considering the amount of natural light needed. For example, some manufacturers make skylights an option, but it may not be required if your space is meant for viewing a television or monitor (which will be affected by reflected light from above). Take time to consider if skylights are helpful or not
  • Consider the need for electrical service. Almost any private sanctuary will benefit from electric lights, as well as access to electrical supplies for any number of devices. Make plans to have it wired and for service to reach the building safely
  • Take time to choose the right doors and windows. Some premium shed and garage makers have open bay structures as well as single or double door structures
  • Consider if an insulated building is best for your needs. If it is quite cold where you live, but you wish to use the building year-round, insulated buildings are a wiser choice

There is much more to consider if opting to use a shed or garage as a personal space. C&S Sheds offers a diversity of options and can provide the features and even construct the new personal sanctuary wherever you wish to have it in your garden.