What Extras Should You Add to Your Garden Shed?

A garden shed is often described in the plainest terms and treated as the plainest of spaces. And yet, even a basic shed can be remarkably improved through the use of some simple “extras.” For example, when you purchase a garden shed or garage, it should have some stock or standard materials that guarantee its long-term durability and quality.

As an example, steel framing, PVC coated shed cladding, a no-drip roof, and downspouts to manage rain and ice melting are just basics and must not be considered extras. If you are asked to pay more for such features, you’ll need to reconsider the manufacturer.

So, what are the extras that should be available? We would recommend working with a builder that can add:

  • Wood flooring – A solid wood floor can turn a plain shed into a truly useful and even climate-controlled space
  • Shelving – Nothing facilitates storage more than sturdy, wall-mounted shelving
  • Doors – Whether it is for a rolling door that can allow a shed to operate much like a garage, or a set of double French doors to create a charming interior space, you should be able to choose such extras when you order the building
  • Locks – Many property owners keep precious goods or valuable items in storage areas, and it is incredibly helpful to know that premium locks designed to work specifically with your shed will be available at the time the building is completed
  • Roofing – If you want a specific look to the roof, it too should be a nice extra
  • Windows – Whether it is skylights or decorative windows, they can allow in the kind of daylight that turns time spent in the shed much easier and more efficient

At C&S Sheds, you can find all of these extras and more. We provide only premium sheds with no-maintenance shed cladding and design, offering years of service no matter how you put the building to use.