The Shed as a Home Office

Until fairly recently, sheds fell into two categories; a place to store garden tools, or a luxury bolt hole, the so-called ‘man cave’. Today, for many people what was once a luxury has become a necessity.  The pandemic has meant that working from home happens everywhere, and every day.  For those who live alone the disruption is not too difficult, but if there is a lively young family involved, the situation is almost impossible. 

This is where C & S Sheds have come to the rescue, with a secure and weather-proof range of garden buildings that make an ideal working space.  Well-constructed of high quality materials, with flexible designs to allow clients to select the positioning of doors and windows to suit their requirements, a C & S Home Office is a place where work can be done in comfort, and electronic equipment, tools and materials left in a dry and secure environment at the end of the working day. 

Insulation does not present a problem.  C & S Sheds are manufactured in Ireland, by craftsmen who are familiar with Irish winters.  Not only do those craftsmen roll our own PVC-coated cladding and panels, they also make the insulated panels and roof cladding that ensure the home office is warm and dry. 

Home Office Shed

Our buildings are attractive, as well.  The shiplap design is unique to C & S Sheds, which are manufactured to Euro Code 3 standards, reassurance for those concerned about wind or snow loading, as most Irish clients will be.  With a wide range of colours and finishes, the C & S Home Office will complement or contrast with its surroundings, and our experienced professional installers will ensure that it has been erected to the best possible standards, and will give many years of maintenance-free use.