A Writing Shed

Have you considered a writing shed?  Virginia Woolf, who was not really in a position to draw comparisons, remarked “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”.

Any writer needs solitude in order to produce good work, but money, or the lack of it, was never a serious handicap for her.  Virginia Woolf’s tool shed at Monk’s House was only used in summer, and she retired to warmer rooms during the cold weather.

Many famous writing sheds were converted when they were no longer needed for their original use.  Philip Pullman wrote the ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy in a shed that had been built for his son when the boy started to learn to play the violin.  Virginia Woolf’s shed was used to store apples.  Dylan Thomas wrote in a converted bike shed over a boathouse in Carmarthenshire.

Today, a shed in which to work is within the means of most writers, and modern manufacturing techniques and insulating materials make it a comfortable environment all the year round.  C & S sheds are manufactured to the highest standards, and are installed by competent and experienced professionals.  A writer would probably choose the 40 mm insulation, sufficient to keep the cold of the Irish winters at bay, and the temperature of high summer at a pleasant level.  Rolled steel coated with PVC requires no maintenance for many years.

A writer in need of a quiet place in which to work will find life comparatively easy.  There is no need to worry about cold and damp conditions, nor security.  The layout of the writing shed, the position of the doors and windows, are a matter of choice for the client.  C & S offers a wide range of very attractive garden buildings in many different finishes, and those, combined with their unique shiplap design, ensures that the writing shed will not only be a place of solitude and security for the writer, but will also be an attractive addition to the garden in which it stands.