The Play Shed

“I wish you’d get out from under my feet!”

There may be parents who have never used, or thought, these words, but if so they are rare.  Healthy children are lively, and noisy, and not very tidy.  Toys can spread around a family house at an unbelievable speed, and a request to put them away is almost always met with an expression of heart-rending reproach.

In fine weather children can be sent out to play in the garden, but in Ireland the weather is not always fine, or certainly not for long.  Some parents have bought ‘Wendy Houses’, small plastic constructions that are met with great enthusiasm for a little while, but that are, when considered dispassionately, of limited use.  Children like to play different games, and ‘House’ can pall after quite a short time.

A play shed, however, is enormously versatile, and offers a huge range of opportunities for a child’s fertile imagination to explore new worlds.  The bench is a pirate ship, a castle, a moon station, a school, a hospital and a submarine, all in the space of one afternoon.  There is room for a painting table, and nobody minds a few splashes on a shed floor.  The cupboard is big enough for toy boxes, and the shed itself, sturdy and airy, well-insulated and very durable, may start life as a play shed, but will go through several incarnations before, many years into the future, it needs to be replaced.  A little way down a child’s life it becomes a quiet place for homework, for practicing a musical instrument, somewhere for school friends to meet once classes are over for the day.  Then, a student’s den, safe, secure and familiar, a comfortable place for study, somewhere to store books, tools, and other equipment.  And when the student leaves home, that familiar and still attractive shed may one day be used as a place for the lawn mower and garden tools

A C & S shed is constructed of rolled galvanised steel with PVC coating.  The attractive classic shiplap design comes in a wide range of colours and styles, and the craftsmen who construct our sheds and garages take pride in their durability and strength.  Choose carefully; that shed will be with you for a very long time.