Organising Shed Storage

Shed storage is not to be overlooked.  One of the more enjoyable aspects of choosing a garden shed is planning its layout, and deciding what should go where. 

Not many sheds have a single dedicated purpose.  The original idea may have been storage for garden tools and furniture, but before you set out your plan too carefully, make sure you know what everybody else is thinking.

Shed storage for a bicycle.  The rotary clothes drier.

Luckily, a modern C & S shed is versatile, and you will be able to choose where the doors and the windows will be sited, so bulky garden tools can be carried straight in, and the racks and boxes won’t get in the way because you have set them against the back wall.  You want the window to catch the morning sun, so that goes on the east wall, and that’s where you can set up the work bench, with the space underneath it holding the tool boxes, and a couple of shelves beside the window for the jars of nails and screws.  You don’t want to be hunting around behind heavy crates when you are in the middle of a project.

Think first how accessible everything needs to be.  Moving heavy objects every few days in order to reach something you stored in the back corner would be a nuisance.  Working it out on paper is easier than getting it wrong in practice.

How often will you need to take the lawn mower out? In winter, it can be pushed away, and the place it took up in the summer months left free for potted plants that need protection from frost.  There is still room for the bicycle that will be used almost every day, but make sure it doesn’t have to be wheeled past anything fragile; the potted fern that looks grand by the French windows won’t be so spectacular with half its leaves torn or buckled.  If you store the garden table in that space, with the chairs stacked under it, the fern can stand on it, safe and out of the way, and as they will only be there in the winter it doesn’t matter if they are blocking the way to the children’s paddling pool and the barbecue.

Do bear in mind that plants will need checking now and then, as well as watering. 

Your shed will need to be secure, and it will almost certainly need good insulation.  C & S shed doors come with a strong security lock, and the PVC-coated rolled steel panels have a choice of insulation thickness.  Erected by experienced professionals, sturdy, durable and maintenance free, a C & S shed is the ideal answer for shed storage,  of almost anything.

And should it turn out that you need a bigger shed, it will be a lot easier, and cheaper, if you reach that conclusion while the plans are still at the paper stage.