Clubroom Shed

A private public house or Shebeen is a contradiction in terms, but people who dream of running their own pubs are not uncommon.  Very few of them make those dreams a reality; they may investigate the possibilities, but the capital outlay, the regulations, and the sheer hard work involved are powerful deterrents.

Most pub owners, when asked what it was that attracted them to the scene, say it is the social life.  Yes, a hard-working pub landlord or landlady can make a good living, but it’s rarely the money that heads the list of benefits. 

“I like people.  I like to spend time with my friends.”

Admittedly, you may not erect a Shebeen in your garden, stock it with alcoholic beverages, and then sell them on to your friends.  You would be breaking a great many laws if you tried, and it would not be long before people with awkward questions came knocking on your door.  You may, however, as a hobby, make wine, or brew beer (spirits are a different matter, and best left out), and you may certainly invite your friends over to taste your latest endeavour.  Should those endeavours prove successful, you will find yourself more popular than before.  Stick to your old friends, they’re more likely to bring bar snacks.

A C & S shed can be an excellent private pub, or Shebeen, or winery.  It’s your space, so you can furnish it as you like, with a bar, stools, racks for glasses and bottles, whatever makes it comfortable, and welcoming.  The sturdy PVC-coated steel walls are well-insulated, so it will be warm in winter and comfortably cool in summer, and the classic shiplap design is very attractive, just as you would expect for the place where you meet your friends to enjoy an evening in each other’s company.

Sturdy, durable, manufactured in Ireland to the highest standards and erected by professionals who take genuine pride in the quality of their work, your C & S shed will begin its working life as a shed, and then become that part of your dream that you can turn into a reality.