Choosing A Shed Floor

The purpose the shed is to serve is what will determine the choice of floor.  The shed will in any case have been erected on a firm and level base, and it may be that this on its own will be adequate.  This base, which will have been the client’s choice, could be poured concrete, or paving slabs, and if the shed is to be used for storage of items that do not need underfoot protection from frost, then that may be enough.

Concrete or paving slabs, however, are not easy to clean, and some shed owners have opted for a garage floor paint, which is tough and hard-wearing and can be bought in different colours. Spills and footmarks are easy to mop up, and many gardeners, concerned at the possibility of diseases being passed from over-wintered plants, find this the best choice for the purpose, as a spring clean, including disinfecting the floor, is a comparatively simple matter.  The shed that is being used as a workshop often has this flooring too, because the surface is non-slip, and oil spills can be hazardous.

Something a little more luxurious is a wooden floor.  This will need to be fitted by experts, and at C & S sheds it is an optional extra for many of their garden buildings.  A wooden floor is comfortable underfoot, offers a good degree of insulation against frost, and, if the surface is sealed, it, too is quite easy to maintain and keep clean.  If the shed is being used as a home office, a hobby room or a play space for children, it can be carpeted to make it more comfortable, and the carpet tacked down onto the floor to keep it safe and level.  Alternatively, carpet tiles, which can be moved around to spread the wear, or replaced quite simply when necessary, might be the best choice.

Whatever floor is chosen for the shed, the building itself needs to have been manufactured by craftsmen and erected by skilled professionals.  A secure, durable and maintenance-free shed, chosen from the wide range offered by C & S sheds, is the starting point, and from there the choice of flooring will not present a problem.  C & S clients can floor their sheds with whatever material suits their purpose.