The She Shed

The She Shed is the Irishwoman’s answer to the Man Cave, and why not? Every woman is entitled to a space of her own, and woe betide the man who asks if it would be all right just to leave this here for a couple of hours, or maybe a day or two. An oily bit of machinery as likely as not, pick it up and run.

Forget Man Sheds

The She Shed is the space in which a woman may do as she pleases. Most women would choose a place that needs little or no housework or maintenance, because she has quite enough of all that already, thank you. Which is why a woman looking seriously at a place where she can be herself will look at the range of lovely garden buildings offered by C & S Sheds, because they are sturdy and durable as well as attractive. They are designed and built by Irish craftsmen of good steel coated with PVC, and mounted on galvanised steel frames by experienced professionals. There is no question of the routine application of smelly stuff to prevent wood rot, because there is no wood to rot. A quick wipe down with whatever’s best to keep it looking smart, and that’s it.

Keep Warm In Your She Shed

The She Shed will probably be insulated. A cold woman is not a very happy woman. C & S Sheds know all about insulation, and they know about light in the right places, and doors being fitted where they are most convenient, and shelves are no problem either. C & S Sheds are made for the customer, and the customer has the last word. There’s advice should it be wanted, but no more than that.
The She Shed is the place where a woman can be herself. A party room maybe, where the women can raise a glass and laugh a lot and talk about men, which is why they’re not invited. Or a quiet oasis in a desert of chaos, a place to think, with a comfortable chair and the right sort of music. A hobby room, a writing shed, a studio.
It was made by C & S Sheds, but it’s hers. It’s a She Shed. And she loves it.