Model Railway Shed

There are not many model railway enthusiasts who can afford to dedicate a room in the house to their hobby, so many of them are looking at a practical alternative; a steel garden shed.

Some, however, are discouraged by the potential disadvantages. A cold and damp environment will ruin not only carefully painted scenery and props, but also delicate electronics, and it’s no fun to work in either. Vermin and insect damage can also be heart-breaking. And security; model railways, and the many components of which they are constructed, are valuable, and can be a magnet for thieves. Breaking down an old wooden door, or taking a crowbar to a window frame, is not difficult. It is altogether far too easy to sell stolen goods today, and electronics are hard to trace.

There’s an alternative. Well, several in fact, all offered by C & S Sheds. Different sizes, colours and shapes, but all the same well designed construction; PVC-coated steel panels mounted on galvanised steel frames, laid out according to the client’s requirements, insulated as required and requested, light from the clear panel in the roof as well as the windows, tough and secure enough to deter all but the most determined professional thief, sturdy, durable and maintenance-free.

You want to spend your time painting your scenery and your props, not your steel garden shed.

Your electricity needs to be installed by a qualified electrician. Think of the number of power points you need, and then double it. Truly, that has been the advice and experience of model railway constructors all over the world. You will want an electric kettle, not only for steaming delicate components to flex and shape them, but also for the luxury of a cup of tea. Perhaps a mini fridge for the milk. And the beer.

Lighting, so you can see what you are doing. You will need to plan this, and everybody has their own requirements and preferences. A spotlight, or a few LED strip lights? Or both? And the work bench, with the storage for tools and components, this too needs careful planning.

Heating, nobody enjoys being cold, and you did not spend your hard-earned money on delicate electronic components only to have them ruined by condensation. Will a simple radiator be enough? In a small shed it probably will, but if you have gone for something larger you might need to think of alternatives, or of two or more radiators. An extractor fan over the workbench is another necessity, particularly if you are using contact adhesives or other solvents, as you almost certainly will. Chemical highs are for daft teenagers, not for somebody detailing the woodwork on a bank of signals.

Planning your model railway shed is not quite as much fun as planning the railway itself, but it comes close, and C & S Sheds is there to help with advice and support should you need it.

Best of all, you will know that when you have finished for the day, and shut down your beautiful model railway, you can lock your shed door knowing it is safe. It is warm and dry, and it won’t be damaged by insects or vermin. The worst of Irish weather won’t harm it, and a thief will raise the neighbourhood long before he’ll raise that window. It is your model railway, and that’s the way it will stay.

Because it is in a C & S Shed.