Black Mould in Your Shed – Is It Dangerous

Any kind of mould on timbers or other surfaces can be dangerous. Black mould grows in damp and dark environments, and apart from weakening the timbers on which it is found, the spores can also damage the health of those who inhale them, particularly if those people are suffering from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions. Anybody with a weakened immune system, such as those who are undergoing chemotherapy, will be particularly at risk from black mould.

Deaths in which black mould has played a significant part are uncommon, but by no means unknown.

Any kind of mould should be treated with a specialised chemical designed specifically for the purpose, preferably before it has taken a strong hold. The chemicals should be used strictly according to the manufacturers’ instructions, and need to be stored carefully and safely.

Cleaning timber is not easy. Those carrying out the task should wear gloves and masks, and should also make sure the shed is open to the fresh air. Good ventilation will minimise the risk, not only to the health of the person doing the work, but also of the mould reoccurring.

If a timber shed is badly infested with mould, then replacing it should be considered quite seriously, particularly if somebody in the family is at a higher level of risk from the spores than normal. A C & S Shed would be the very best replacement, not only because it has been designed and built by highly qualified Irish craftsmen, using PVC coated steel panels, and erected by experienced professionals on a galvanised steel frame, but also because these materials are far easier to clean than traditional timber. Doors and windows are placed according to the client’s wishes, but advice is always available, and the maximum possible light, as well as good ventilation, will help to prevent mould in the shed. The clear panel in the roof, which comes as standard with all C & S sheds, will help keep the problem at bay, and if mould does occur, then cleaning it from the smooth surfaces of the PVC-coated panels and door and window frames is a task of minutes, rather than hours.

Health and safety in the family is always a priority, and the care taken of it should not be restricted to the house alone. Your garden shed should also be a safe space.

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