Declutter Your Shed!

An organised shed is a happy shed. Before Winter turns what can be a very enjoyable task into a chore, declutter your shed!

It’s very likely that every member of the family will have put something into the shed, either because it genuinely will be used again, or, more probably, because it ‘might come in handy one day’.  That day rarely arrives, but if family harmony is to be maintained, perhaps you should not risk throwing out everything that doesn’t belong to you personally without checking first.

Take everything out, and lay it on the lawn, where you can all see what it is.  There are four categories; the first, things that are genuinely useful and that you want to keep.  Clean them if necessary, and set them aside.  Then there are good quality items that can be sold.  Consider whether there are enough of them to justify a garage sale, or just a few things that you don’t need, but somebody else might, and they could be sold on line.  Then, charities or charity shops.  Here, you could look at community gardens for flower pots, packets of seeds and tools of which you have too many.  How many trowels can you use at one time? Some charities repair and recycle bicycles and tools before sending them to Africa to help people get to work, or set up businesses.  Lastly, the dump.  Broken crates that somebody said they would mend ‘one day’.  That bicycle wheel that doesn’t fit any of the family’s bicycles.  This will probably go to landfill, so recycle what you can.

Now you have an empty shed.  Take a good look at it.   Is it ‘Good enough for another year if we’re lucky and don’t get high winds’? ‘Wet rot round the door, you could push your finger through it’? ‘A total eye-sore, no wonder the neighbours wouldn’t come to the barbecue’? Be honest.

Would you risk several hundred pounds’ worth of bicycles in that shed when that particular theft has increased over the last year by 40% at a conservative estimate? And replacing the lawnmower could set you back several hundred pounds, because it’s quite a good one.

C & S Sheds can provide you with exactly what you need to replace the one that is no longer fit for its purpose.  Made of PVC-coated steel panels mounted on a galvanised steel frame by experienced professionals, you will never have to search for that tin of wood-rot treatment again, not for your shed in any event.  Maintenance-free, and with a range of colours and styles to suit your home and your garden, dry and leak-free, insulated if you need it, and with very secure hinges and bolts, this could be your reward for the de-cluttering exercise.  You will love your new organised shed.  So will your family.  The neighbours may be jealous, but they’ll come to the next barbecue.  Your insurers might drop the premium for theft insurance.  Because there is one category of people who don’t like C & S sheds; thieves.