What Type of Shed Doors Should You Choose?

Doors are a major component of your shed. They’re what lets you in and out, after all, so you can’t go without one! Picking the right door doesn’t have to be complicated, but you must be aware of a few things. The more you know about your own needs and the type of doors that might suit your shed, the easier it will be to choose the best option.


Most people are going to do fine with standard-size shed doors. Those stand at around 6ft tall x 6.5ft wide and are going to accommodate most equipment and people. However, if you have a larger shed and store things that require a bigger door, you might need a custom size.


A door is meant to give you access to your shed, but it shouldn’t make it easy for just anybody to make their way inside. Make sure your door has a good lock and remember that a door with a window will allow other people to be able to easily see whatever you’re keeping inside.


Here’s a quick rundown of the advantages or drawbacks of each shed door style.

  • Double doors – These are great if you regularly move bigger equipment in and out.
  • Sliding doors – This space-saver option moves along the wall, so you don’t have to leave any room for the door itself.
  • Stable doors – These are secure and sturdy with the option of opening one half while locking the other.
  • Standard or plain doors – Here are your basic doors that come with a frame and a place for a door knob.


A great sheds doors will keep the structure and your belongings secure while letting you do what you need. Consider the categories above and you’ll easily make the right decision!

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