Shed Size Price DIY Price Erected
3M X 3M + 1M Veranda Sold out   €2,480
4M X 5M +1M Veranda Sold out   €5,600
5M X 5M + 1M Veranda  € 5,000 €6,250
4M X 3.5M +4M X 1.5M Storage room +1M Veranda  € 4,300 €5,300

All log cabins need to be painted as soon as possible after constructed.
Timber is a natural product and needs to be protected from the weather.
Prices for off standard cabins available on request.

All our cabins have:

  • 45mm Walls
  • Double Glazed Doors
  • Double Glazed Windows
  • Insulated Roof
  • Insulated Floor

All cabins require a prepared concrete base.
All prices are inclusive of delivery, erection and VAT.