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Shed Or Garden Room?

When it comes to making a choice between sheds and garden rooms, every client is unique.  Either building can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from the traditional safe and tidy place in which to store garden tools and equipment, to a room where a family can enjoy
Steel Sheds | Who’s Buying the Best Sheds? - C & S Sheds

Who’s Buying the Best Sheds?

Say the words ‘garden shed’ to most people, and a very similar picture comes to mind.  Wooden, probably, with a window and a door, and somebody in slightly shabby clothes and heavy leather gloves standing beside it.  A gardener, of course, possibly retired, so with time to indulge in that
Shed Storage | Our Tips For Organising Your Shed Storage - C & S Sheds

Organising Shed Storage

Shed storage is not to be overlooked.  One of the more enjoyable aspects of choosing a garden shed is planning its layout, and deciding what should go where.  Not many sheds have a single dedicated purpose.  The original idea may have been storage for garden tools and furniture, but before you
What Sized Shed Do You Need?

What Sized Shed Do You Need?

Shed size is very important.  Whilst it is difficult to find anybody who actually regrets buying a good quality shed, there is one lament that is heard quite frequently. “I wish I’d bought a larger one.” A well designed shed is so versatile that its new owner is likely to
Play Shed: What Do You Need For Your The Play Shed

The Play Shed

“I wish you’d get out from under my feet!” There may be parents who have never used, or thought, these words, but if so they are rare.  Healthy children are lively, and noisy, and not very tidy.  Toys can spread around a family house at an unbelievable speed, and a
Writing Shed? Our Guide On Finding A Writing Shed

A Writing Shed

Have you considered a writing shed?  Virginia Woolf, who was not really in a position to draw comparisons, remarked “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”.   Any writer needs solitude in order to produce good work, but money, or the lack
Home Office Shed

The Shed as a Home Office

Until fairly recently, sheds fell into two categories; a place to store garden tools, or a luxury bolt hole, the so-called ‘man cave’. Today, for many people what was once a luxury has become a necessity.  The pandemic has meant that working from home happens everywhere, and every day.  For