How to Store Your Lawnmower and Protect It

How to Store a Lawnmower

Your lawnmower is the workhorse of your lawn maintenance operation. Hence, it deserves a good home. However, with its fairly large size and positively awkward shape, finding a suitable storage spot can be a challenge. Here are some things to keep in mind as you decide on a solution for
What Is A Garden Room & What Is It Used For?

What Is a Garden Room?

A garden room is a room that you add on to your home. It usually contains lots of plants, vegetables or flowers. The difference between a garden room and a garden shed is that the garden room is a custom built structure with a lot more special details. It resembles
How to Choose the Best Garden Sheds

How to Choose the Best Sheds for You

Garden sheds are a great step if you are looking to consolidate your storage space or secure some valuable items, particularly those you use outside. However, there are several considerations. Here are some of the most important. Wood or Metal? The choice between wooden or a metal sheds has a
Where to Store Your Vintage Car

Where to Store Your Vintage Car

Whether you have a classic Aston Martin DB5 or a sleek, quick Lotus Esprit, outside in the winter elements is no place for your vintage baby. In order to decide where to store it, you have to first recognize the objectives for car storage, then an informed decision can be