Advantages of the Tegkon Buildings

Flexible & Adaptable

Ideal for all types of building applications including industrial, agricultural, retail, warehousing, storage sheds, garages, offices, etc.

Your 100% Custom-Design

TegkonTM 100% customised building design with bay sizes up to 6m and spans up to 18 m.


The TegkonTM building is design-engineered to provide the most steel-efficient design possible which results in cost savings.

Up to 25 Years Weather Protection

Our roofing and cladding is available in a full range of colours with a performance guarantee of up to 25 years for inland locations and 20 years for coastal areas ( < 2km from the sea).

Building Standards

All TegkonTM buildings are designed and engineered to building standards BS:6399 and BS:5950. All profiled sheeting used on TegkonTM sheeting is manufactured to CE standard and independently design assessed for structural integrity by the Steel Construction Institute.


The TegkonTM building is fully pre-designed which means there is no costly and time consuming architectural and engineering input required at design stage.


The time required for the entire design and specification process is reduced by up to 95%.


The state of the Art software provides an accurate quotation, architectural drawings and a complete bill of materials in one go which simplifies the enquiry and ordering process.

Fully Insulated

You can specify full insulation for your TegkonTM building. All insulation standards can be specified for compliance with the latest building standards. Insulated panels are Insurer approved and certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and Factory Mutual (FM).

35 Years of Tegral Experience

TegkonTM steel frame and roofing & cladding components are factory manufactured in a quality controlled environment to Quality Standards ISO 9001:2000 and Environmental Management standard ISO 14001.