Insulated Garden Sheds & Garages

25mm Insulated Building

Our 25mm Insulated buildings are a step up from the standard sheds. Insulated buildings are better at keeping out the cold of our Irish winters and the heat of the summer sun. Insulated buildings have a pvc coated external sheet and internal white steel sheet with the insulated sandwiched in the centre. They are also used as utility rooms, hobby rooms or children’s playrooms, ie. an extra room to your house. 25mm insulated buildings are widely used for storage of vintage cars and tractors.  Gutters and down pipes come as standard as does a 35″ (9.m) wide insulated steel door. 5’7″ (1.7m) wide double insulated doors are also available.

C and S Sheds are happy to offer our customers a number of options for outdoor insulated buildings. We currently offer these in two thicknesses (25mm & 40mm) and will be happy to advise on which option will suit your personal needs. Give us a call or get in touch using the contact page to discuss which thickness is most suited for your requirements.


  • Home Office
  • Storage for vintage cars
  • Home Office
  • Utility Room
  • Hobby Room
  • Playroom
  • Storage for tractors
  • Storage of water pumps (both domestic and council)
  • Extra storage space for domestic and commercial use


  • 7’1” side wall – up to 8’7″ at the apex
  • Wood grain cladding if required (wood grain clad buildings have 7’1″-8’7” side walls)
  • Gutters as standard
  • Downpipes as standard
  • Single door (35” wide) or
  • Double door (67” wide)

For further information on our 25mm Insulated Buildings please feel free to get in touch with a member of staff here at any time. You can also view some pictures of recently completed projects in our 25mm Insulated Building Gallery.

40mm Insulated Building

Our 40mm insulated buildings can be put to a wide range of uses from a fully insulated shed, garage, home office, hobby room up to the small business or club changing room. 40mm insulated buildings are suitable if the building is going to be heated and it is important the frost stays outside. 40mm insulated buildings come standard with an insulated door.

Insulated roller door, French doors, 10 point locking system steel security door or double insulated doors are also available.

Insulated Garden Sheds & Garages Price List

Built to Eurocode 3 Standards.

  • All insulated panel buildings have a white steel sheet on the inside to give a strongbright and clean look to your new shed and a pvc coated maintenance free steel sheet on the outside, with the insulation sandwiched in the centre.
  • All insulated building include gutters as standard.
  • Side walls are 7’1” high going up to 8’7″ at the apex.
  • All 40mm insulated buildings include an Insulated steel door.
  • All 25mm insulated buildings include an Insulated steel door.
  • Clearlights are included in all buildings.
  • Insulated Garden Sheds / Insulated Sheds
Garden Sheds 25mm Insulation 40mm Insulation Wooden Floors
10′ x 6’6              € 2000            €2400           €200
10′ x 9’6              € 2375            €2750           €225
13’4″x 9’6              € 2600            €3000           €250
13’4″ x 12’6″              € 3100            €3650           €325
16’8″ x 9’6″              € 3100            €3650           €325
16’8″ x 12’6″              € 3600            €4200  
20′ x 9’6″              €3600            €4200  
20′ x 12’6″              € 4200            €4900  
26’6″ x 12’6″              € 5400            €6200  
29’9″ x 12’6″              € 5800            €6800  

Insulated garages include double doors or an insulated roller door

Insulated Garages 40mm insulation only
16′8″ x 16′ € 5500
20′ x 16′ € 6100
26′6″ x 16′ € 7600
29’9″ x 16′ € 8400

Optional extras:

Insulated Double door  67 1/2″(1.72m) opening € 400.

Insulated single door 35″ (.89m) opening € 150.
Pvc Double glazed 4’ x 3’ window € 250.
French doors € 850.
Steel security doors €550.
PVC doors € 550.

All prices include delivery, insulation and vat@ 13.5%

Insulated Garden Sheds for sale across Ireland.

A level base is required for all sheds

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