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Garden Sheds

Our Garden Shed range is generally used by the domestic customer for the storage of the lawnmower, garden tools and home general storage.

the sheds are maintenance free and come standard with a nondrip roof, which prevents drips from the roof in heavy frost or snow.

there is at least one clear panel in the roof, to allow in natural light. All garden shed come with a 40″ wide door. 6’10” wide double doors are also available. A wooden floor is a very popular optional extra with a garden shed. 

Maintenance Free Cladding

  • Non-drip roof – prevents drips in heavy frost and snow
  • (2.15m) 7’1” side walls – up to (2.6m) 8’ 7″ at the apex
  • Clear roof panel to allow in natural light
  • 40” wide single door
  • Choice of 6 colours

6’10” Double doors are also available on request.

C&S Sheds deliver nationwide, our range of highly commended, high quality and the unique shiplap profile pvc coated cladding and comes with free delivery almost anywhere.
We find our domestic shed range adds a special something to an outdoor space and can help to enhance your garden or work area by providing well laid out space, a covered area in which to store garden and domestic good & is perfect for those with a love of gardening who want to be well prepared for all seasons.


Our garages, not unlike our garden sheds are used mainly for domestic purposes, e.g. car storage, workshop, household or garden storage and come finished to the highest standards.

Each garage ordered is custom built at our facility in Tullamore and is finished with our unique Maintenance Free Shiplap profile PVC Coated cladding.

All Garages Include a roller door, a steel pedestrian door, Gutters and Down pipes.

  • (2.2m) 7’6” side walls – up to (2.75m) 9’ at the apex
  • A minimum of 2 clear roof panels to allow in natural light
  • 8’ Double doors or
  • Roller door (manually or electrically operated as specified by the customer)
  • Choice of 6 Colours

Having a garage onsite can be a practical solution for any home or business owner. We find that clients like to use the area not just for car storage but as a working area for any DIY projects they are working on. Remember, a secure place to park your car at night means you don’t have to worry about damage or theft and will keep it in from the ever changing Irish weather. Investing in a C&S garage is one of the best decisions you will make.
Should you wish to view pictures of just a small range of our garages, please pop over to our garages gallery where you will be able to view a sample of our work and see for yourself just how worthwhile an onsite garage is.

Insulated Buildings 25mm

C and S Sheds are happy to offer our customers a number of options for outdoor insulated buildings. We currently offer these in two thicknesses 25mm & 40mm.

Our 25mm insulated buildings are a step up from our standard garden sheds.

Insulated buildings are better at keeping out the cold of our Irish winters and the heat of the summer sun, the insulation will also help to retain the heat if there is heating on inside the building.

Insulated buildings have a pvc coated external sheet, and an internal almost flat white steel liner sheet with the insulation sandwiched in the centre. 25mm insulated buildings are widely used for the storage of vintage cars and tractors. they are also used as utility rooms, hobby rooms or childrens play rooms, ie. an extra room for the house.

Gutters and down pipes come as standard as does a 35″ (.9m)wide insulated door. A  5’7″ wide (1.7m) double doors are also available.

 If you have any questions will be happy to advise on which option will suit your personal needs. Give us a call or get in touch using the contact page to discuss which thickness is most suited for your requirements.

25mm Insulated Buildings

25mm Insulated buildings are one of our most popular orders. We find that 25mm insulation is perfect for the Irish weather, which can be unpredictable at the best of times. This insulation thickness will help to keep the cold out during the winter and spring months and will keep the temperature steady throughout the summer months.


  • 7’1” side wall – up to 8’7″ at the apex
  • Gutters as standard on all insulated buildings
  • Downpipes as standard
  • Single door (35” wide) or
  • Double door (67” wide)

For further information on our 25mm Insulated Buildings please feel free to get in touch with a member of staff here at any time.


  • Utility Rooms
  • Hobby Rooms
  • Home Office
  • Children play rooms
  • Storage for vintage cars
  • Children play rooms
  • Storage for tractors
  • Storage of water pumps (both domestic and council)
  • Extra storage space for domestic and commercial use

40mm Insulated Buildings

40mm Insulated buildings made to order specifically for your business premises or home. 40mm Insulation is essential if you wish to heat the building and have it remain at a constant temperature throughout the day. We recommend this application if you are thinking of using the building for a home office, hobby room, work space, small business, gym or shop storage. With 40mm insulation you can be assured that your building will remain at a temperature that is comfortable to use throughout the year.

As standard:

  • 35” Insulated door
  • Gutters
  • Downpipes
  • Insulated ped. Door

Wood Grain Cladding Buildings

Appearance is everything, and when it comes to our home and work areas we all know that staring at the same boring facade day-in-day-out can be more of a hindrance than help. With wood grain cladding you can change the appearance of any building without breaking the bank. Wood grain cladding not only adds to the aesthetics of a building but can add something to the surrounding areas, making a worthwhile investment any time of the year.
Our wood grain cladding gives the appearance of a natural finish it is the same prime steel cladding as our other shed without the maintenance of a wooden building. wood grain building can also come with 25mm or40mm insulation.

Our wood grain cladding sheds come with:

  • Shiplap profile cladding, providing a natural wooden appearance
  • Side walls are 7’1” – 8’7” at the apex

A wood grain clad shed is the perfect option for those who want their outdoor building to sit well within its environment. Choosing wood grain cladding will make a huge difference to how your building sits in a back garden or wooded, green area.
To take a look for yourself, please visit our wood grain cladding gallery where you will see just how much of a difference this affordable option provides.

The options available include but are not limited to:

  • Insulated buildings
  • Single skin buildings
  • Up to 6m span
  • Limitless length
  • Fully galvanised framing
  • Non-drip roof
  • Electric doors
  • Manual doors
  • 10 Point locking personal door
  • Windows
  • Open bays
  • Skylights
  • Choice of colours
  • Choice of finishes

Please note colour shades cannot be guaranteed.