Garden Sheds – Wood or Steel, which is Best?

The traditional garden shed is a little wooden shed with a pitched roof where homeowners keep their lawnmower and garden tools.  However, sheds have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, fabricated from modern materials and giving householders plenty of choice of style, usage and materials.


7 Differences between wooden sheds and steel-framed sheds.

Let’s take a look at some of the differences between wooden sheds and steel-framed sheds. Many modern sheds are made from PVC cladding on a steel frame which means that they require very little maintenance, unlike traditional wood-framed sheds which need regular painting to ensure they stand up to the extremes of weather. 

A steel-framed shed will last for many years with very little maintenance, whereas a wood-framed and clad shed will need regular painting and maintenance to withstand extremes of weather.

  1. A steel-framed shed with PVC cladding will not rot (unlike timber) so it’s the ideal choice for those living in wetter climates.  The waterproof properties will last without the need for regular maintenance and repair.
  2. Steel-framed sheds generally come with a floor meaning the buyer doesn’t face the extra expense of laying a foundation for the shed.
  3. Steel-framed sheds usually have a much longer manufacturer’s warranty than their wooden counterparts.
  4. Steel-framed sheds with PVC cladding come in such a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs that there’s something to suit every taste, location and usage.
  5. Steel-framed sheds are usually faster to assemble as they are delivered in modular form and assembly is often included in the price.
  6. It’s possible to buy an insulated shed which is preferable if the shed is going to be used as workshop, home office or playroom, it will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, a major consideration when it comes to our weather conditions.
  7. A steel-framed shed with PVC cladding means that there will be no entry points for rodents and other creatures.

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