Why Choose an Insulated Shed – Just Take a Look at the Benefits and ask yourself, Why Not?

When it comes to garden sheds, you’re no longer limited to choosing a little wooden shed that’s only suitable for keeping your gardening tools in.  Modern sheds come in all shapes, styles and sizes and the steel-framed PVC clad sheds can now feature insulation if you desire. 




Let’s take a look at the advantages that will be yours by choosing an insulated shed.

  1. An insulated shed features an improved thermal performance, which results in it being warmer in winter and cooler in summer as you’re no longer at the mercy of the elements. This means that the shed can be used all year round in comfort.
  2. The increase in temperature stability means that the shed is easier (and cheaper) to heat in winter if you use it as a workshop or home office.
  3. An insulated shed has an improved air-tightness, so it reduces heat loss and draughts.
  4. Insulation also helps keep the shed water-tight, so you won’t end up with leaks that need fixing before they ruin the precious possessions that you store in the shed.
  5. Reducing the risk of moisture getting in makes the shed a viable option for storing equipment that you would normally store in the hall, freeing up space in your home. Wet weather gear, wellies, outdoor sports gear, tents and camping equipment can all be stored safely in the shed without fear of damage.
  6. An insulated shed is an ideal place to store prams, buggies and car seats if you have little children. The equipment will stay dry and it won’t be taking up valuable living space inside your home.
  7. Reducing the risk of moisture also makes it easier and safer to install electrical power in the shed, which means that lighting can be installed, along with power points for using electrical DIY and craft tools.
  8. An insulated shed provides better storage for vehicles such as vintage or classic cars, motor bikes, quad bikes, jet skis and many other types of recreational vehicles.

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