What to Look for when Buying a Garden Shed

Garden ShedGarden sheds come in all shapes, sizes and finishes nowadays so there’s something to suit every household and every purpose.  If you’re considering buying a garden shed, here are some things to look out for when making your decision.


You’ll need to think about what you want the shed for – what you intend to do or store in it, because this will govern the size of the shed you buy.  Some homeowners want a small shed to store the lawnmower and garden tools, others want a shed as storage for household items while others will want a shed as a workshop, home office or craft room.  Whatever size shed you choose, you’ll need to make sure it fits into the available space without overwhelming your garden.

Some families use a shed as extra space for the kids, creating a fab playroom which also serves to house some of the larger toys, leading to less clutter in the house.  Do you need to store your garden furniture and large garden toys in the shed over the winter?   Perhaps you’re a family of keen cyclists and you need somewhere to keep those bikes secure and dry – if you store anything of any value in your shed, then security is a prime consideration.


Price is another issue to consider, but however much you intend to spend, look on your shed as an investment.  It’s an investment in space for storage, working or playing!

Buy your shed from a reputable company – ask friends and family for recommendations and check online reviews before purchasing.  Make sure the shed you choose conforms to European Standards as this is a guarantee of quality.  If you don’t want to build the shed yourself, then choose a shed from a company that will deliver and build the shed for you, saving you all the hard work!

Here at C&S Sheds we are delighted to offer our customers as much choice and flexibility as we possibly can. This is why we work with agents throughout the country to ensure top class service at every turn. You can find our agent list on this website so please feel free to get in touch at any time. A full list of our agents nationwide is listed here