Shaking it Up – Does your Shed Pass the Shed Shake Test?

If you have a shed in your garden, you’re sure to know what a handy addition it is – the perfect space to store garden tools, bikes, etc.  Most of us take our sheds for granted, as long as they are standing and the roof is intact, we tend to think they’re in good working order.  However, a shed is subjected to some harsh weather conditions all year round and, if it’s made from wood, this does cause deterioration over time.

One way to check the health and sturdiness of your shed is the Shed Shake Test – a simple way of finding out if your shed can stand up to the weather conditions over the coming year or so.  Here’s how to do the Shed Shake Test and check that your shed is still fit for purpose.

  • Stand at the right front corner of your shed, place your hand at the joint of the roof and side pieces and give the shed a firm shake.  The shed needs to stand its ground in order to withstand rough windy conditions.  Repeat this on all four corners.
  • Stand at the front of your shed and place your hand under the roof and shake.  Again, you need to make sure that the roof and the front panel of the shed can stand up to the wind by withstanding this shake.
  • Now it’s time to test the doors so grab hold of the door (on the side with no hinges) and give it a shake to make sure it doesn’t move on its hinges (which is a sure sign of a door ready to give way). 

If your shed stood up to the Shed Shake Test, then it should last another year without any problems.  However, if your shed turned into a shaky wimp, perhaps it’s time to consider some repair work or even a new shed.  If you’re in the market for a new shed, then one way to avoid your shed shaking in its shoes during rough weather conditions is to opt for a steel framed shed which will give it some backbone.

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