Keeping your Shed Secure and your Stuff Safe – Five Point Plan

Shed Security- Keeping Your Shed Secure & Safe - C&S Sheds

Have you considered shed security? Those of us lucky enough to have a garden shed will appreciate what a handy space this is for storage of all kinds of stuff.  Whether it’s garden tools and equipment, bikes, camping gear, other outdoor equipment or garden furniture, most of these items are expensive and you’ll want to ensure that they are safe and secure in your shed.  Sheds are often a prime target for opportunist thieves looking for valuable items they can sell.  Today we’re going to give you some tips on making sure your shed is secure.

  • Doors and Windows – a sturdy lockable pad bolt, or a hasp and staple combination is the best way to secure the door of your shed and keep out intruders.  Hasp and staples feature concealed screws to prevent a burglar from removing the lock to get in.  Windows can be protected with a grille and those which open should be fitted with a lock.
  • Ground Anchors – these can be used as an extra level of security for valuable items like mowers and bikes.  As long as the shed has suitable flooring and a beam or joist, the anchor can be screwed in place and valuable items chained to it for an extra layer of security.
  • Alarms – it’s possible to buy a battery-powered, motion-triggered burglar alarm for as little as €30 – a sum which pales into insignificance when compared with your valuables stored in the shed.
  • Keys – these should be stored securely and never left under a doormat or flower pot.  If you need to store spare keys somewhere, store them indoors or leave them with family, friends or trustworthy neighbours.
  • Common Sense – an outdoor security light which is triggered by movement can be an effective deterrent, as is a gravel path which is difficult to walk on without making a noise. 

Taking a few extra security steps now can help avoid break-ins and the theft of valuable kit stored in your shed.

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