What Colour Should I Paint My Shed?

Garden sheds enhance the beauty of both the garden and the home. It is important to take care of your shed and to keep it looking great all year. Determining what material your shed is made of, for example, wood or steel will help determine what kinds of finishes you can use. Maintaining the exterior of your shed will increase its lifespan and protect it from the harsh elements. So, now that the importance of maintaining the exterior has been established, the all-important question needs to be asked, what colour will you paint your shed?

Which Colour to Choose?

Some choose to paint a shed that will blend in with the natural surroundings. They prefer to have their sheds disappear into the forsythias and ferns rather than to stick out and make a bold, bright statement. Others prefer to have their shed as a focal point and paint it a colour that is vivid and stands out. If you have a specific reason or purpose for your shed, that can help you to choose a colour scheme. If you are making a rest and relaxation room, or anything unique and out of the ordinary, the purpose can be your muse and the function could be your inspiration.

Test Before You Commit

An important piece of advice to follow is to test out the colour before you commit. Follow the instructions on the paint tin and test the colour out. Put two coats on to really get an idea of what the colour will look like and observe it in bright sunshine and in overcast weather.

There are many ways to enhance the look of your garden by changing or upgrading your shed. This can add a special element to space. Once you have decided on the perfect colour for you, then it is time to grab a brush and get started.