Garden Shed as Child’s Play House

How often have you seen a child’s play house and wanted to install one for your child or children in the garden? They can be remarkably fanciful and priced far outside of the normal budget, though. There is a solution for almost any property owner’s budget in the form of a garden shed. There are some manufacturers building truly remarkable sheds, including the types of mini sheds ideally suited to the world of children’s play houses.

If you are concerned that a child would just think of it as a shed, you shouldn’t be because there are builders with a dazzling array of choices in colours and cladding as well as extras that can guarantee a delighted child or family.

When opting for this route, though, remember that the interior is not going to be finished upon completion. That is something that may be required of the buyer. It can be facilitated through the choices made when purchasing the shed or mini shed, however. For example, having a solid floor installed, ensuring the shed is built on a foundation and choosing doors and windows that are child-friendly go a very long way in making it a play house upon arrival. Adding skylights to a no-drip roof will also brighten it up and enhance the sense of imagination that is the province of childhood.

Then what? A parent or guardian can then:

  • Paint the interior in a bright and cheerful colour
  • Place durable carpets to eliminate dirt and debris
  • Add shelving for books, games, and toys
  • Consider electrical service to allow for games and television or music
  • Add furniture such as small tables and chairs along with daybeds for hours of daydreaming and fun

At C&S Sheds, parents and property owners can find an abundance of options in garden sheds and miniature sheds that would make for unforgettable play houses in a dreamy or bright corner of the garden.

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