Garden Shed as Home Theatre?

In this age of bespoke anything, it might seem like a great idea to add a home theater to your residence. After all, why sit elbow to elbow with strangers in an over-crowded space and risk the use of mobile devices interrupting your enjoyment when a home theatre system is possible? If you think it is not going to work with your available interiors, have you thought about a garden shed as home theatre?

Just imagine the fun and enjoyment possible by stepping outside of your home and walking through the garden to a charming space designed for the ultimate in entertainment. This could be a shed or small garage that is clad in an attractive material and colour. It could coordinate with the home and feature an appealing entry inside. Once you step into the shed or garage, it will have:

  • A finished floor
  • Insulated walls to contain sound and keep the space comfortable all year (even in the cooler months)
  • Electrical service suitable to the needs of the entertainment system
  • Room for comfortable seating
  • Space for storage and even space for a small kitchenette with drinks and snack storage

This space can also be fitted with gaming system gear for hours of family fun, and even the choice in doors can allow you to use it as an entertainment system. How? In the summer months, if it is too close and warm inside of the shed, the doors can be painted to serve as projection screens, and an outdoor cinema can be created by swinging one door wide and projecting movies or games via a projection system!

There are limitless options for a home cinema in the garden. C&S Sheds has an astonishing range of insulated sheds that can be as decorative and well-appointed as you wish your new home theatre to be!

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