Who’s Buying the Best Sheds?

Say the words ‘garden shed’ to most people, and a very similar picture comes to mind.  Wooden, probably, with a window and a door, and somebody in slightly shabby clothes and heavy leather gloves standing beside it.  A gardener, of course, possibly retired, so with time to indulge in that hobby.

Not any more.

Many people who are buying steel sheds today are demanding something considerably better than that.  The best garden buildings are luxury items, and manufacturers are responding to this new demand.  Words such as ‘elite’, ‘posh’ or ‘premium’ are creeping into advertisements, and the new buyers are looking for something considerably more attractive in a building that enhances the value of their property than a pensioner might expect in a small space in which to store garden tools.

A recent UK report quoted an estate agent as saying that a good-quality shed could add double its price to the value of a house; and also featured a psychologist who said that the ‘commute down the garden path’ could be a vital element in helping workers from home retain their work/life balance, and hence their mental well-being.

C & S steel sheds have always made good-looking garden buildings, and have had no difficulty in responding to this new demand.  Their attractive PVC-coated shiplap sheds come in a range of colours and styles, from the quiet pastel colours of their Aspen sheds in moorland green and white, with Georgian style doors and windows, to the traditional woodgrain effect that is also on offer to those who prefer the time-honoured wooden look. 

Clients who are looking for the best require more than visual appeal.  Durability and value for money stand high on their list of essentials, and C & S has had to make no changes to its manufacturing methods or materials in order to meet this demand.  High quality rolled steel under maintenance-free PVC coating, a sturdy frame, excellent insulation and the best in security locks ensure that buyers at the high end of the market need have no concerns about the superiority of the shed they choose from the range on offer. 

C & S Sheds has the right garden building for everybody, from the gardener who needs a safe place for garden tools to the wealthy home owner with an eye on an investment as well as a luxurious space in which to relax.