The Shiplap Shed

Shiplap is one of the most effective means of layering building materials for a robust and weather-proof construction, which is why C and S Sheds use it for their garden buildings. Traditionally used in ship or boat building, the panels overlap each other, so the rain or water falls away naturally rather than seeping through the joints, which can lead to rot or other damage. There is a groove in the ‘plank’, called a rabbet, into which the ‘tongue’ of the next plank fits, giving a tight joint which is virtually impervious to water damage.

Designed and manufactured to the highest of standards by Irish craftsmen at their facility in Tullamore, and erected by experienced professionals, C & S Sheds have taken the best of traditional wooden building techniques and adapted them to meet twenty first century standards. Their steel PVC coated panels are tailor made to suit the individual requirements of each client, with a range of options for the siting of doors and windows, the type of flooring, and, where required, insulation.

On one factor alone there is no room for compromise; the quality of the sheds.

A shiplap shed requires minimal maintenance, as the materials, combined with skilful construction, minimise the damage that can be a problem in garden sheds or garages, particularly during wet and windy Irish winters. However, even skilfully constructed wooden sheds will eventually succumb to water damage unless they are treated with preservatives on a regular basis. Those made of steel coated with PVC, need no such treatment, and their owners need have no concerns about maintenance.

C & S Sheds have an unrivalled reputation for durability. No matter whether the shed is intended for the storage of garden equipment, as a playroom for children or any other purpose, the question of maintenance does not arise.

Your C & S shiplap shed is there to stay.