Have You Considered a Shed House?

In recent years, tiny homes have become all the rage. With the costs of houses and rent both soaring, people are looking for other means of getting their own private spaces. You might not look at a shed and think that’s the solution, but it certainly can be! There are several ways to turn a shed into a shed house that will fit in perfectly with organized or minimalist living or serve well as a crash space for guests. Read on to see the perks of this style of living and how to make shed house work for you!

It’s Inexpensive

To get a shed fully converted into a shed house, you can expect to double the price of the shed itself. That still won’t compare to the total cost of a 30-year mortgage or a year’s worth of rent in some areas. In general to buy and finish a shed house is still less than the down payment many people make on a home.


To continue saving money, you can take on many projects yourself. When turning your shed into a living space, focus your efforts on the following:

Insulation – Get quality insulation for your walls, floors, and windows. There are several options for this, but you’ll want to spring for the best if you’re planning to live in the shed or have people stay there.

Drywall – You can finish the home with drywall over the insulation. Just make sure it’s sealed properly!

Trim – Baseboards and trim polish off the look and make it feel like a home.

Cabinets and furnishings – While you might not be able to hook up your utilities, you can install kitchen cabinets and in-home shelving!


Whether it’s serving as your primary residence or as a place for guests, a shed house can be a great living space. With some TLC and effort, you’ll be able to turn a shed into a home to be proud of!

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