The She-Shed – an Oasis of Calm in Our Busy 21st Century Lives

We’ve all heard of man caves, but you may be surprised that women are getting in on the act too with she-sheds.  Sheds have evolved for 21st Century living and can now be insulated and damp-proofed, you even have the option of adding power and heating, meaning a shed can provide you with a whole extra room that is cosy and comfortable at all times of the year.

Dedicated Space for Hobbies

Modern built homes have become smaller, with many families struggling to find the space necessary when it comes to hobbies, interests, arts, crafts, etc.  If you don’t have a small room that you can dedicate to your hobbies, then a shed is the ideal alternative.

A shed can be kitted out to suit your needs – whether as a sewing room, an art studio, a jewellery workshop – the only limit is your own imagination.  Imagine a fab little sewing room painted in bright colours with curtains at the windows, cute pictures on the walls and all your fabric stashes organised on shelving.  You can even add a kettle so you can make a cuppa whenever you feel like one.

Many of us who have hobbies or enjoy crafts are reluctant to start on a project because we know we have to pack everything safely out of sight in between working sessions.  It’s difficult enough to find the time in our busy lives, let alone the space necessary to spread out and enjoy making stuff. Dedicating a shed as a workroom means that you can begin projects and come back to them when you have a little time to spare without the hassle of setting everything up and then packing it all away again.


A she-shed is also a great place to hide away to spend some valuable me-time, reading, sewing, knitting, without being interrupted as you reach the chill-zone and replenish your energy ready to deal with busy family life again.

a she-shed is a private hideaway where you can escape your worries and stress, and relax in comfort without having to venture any further than your own back garden.  She sheds represent a welcome oasis of calm in the lives of so many busy women today.