Shed Or Garden Room?

When it comes to making a choice between sheds and garden rooms, every client is unique.  Either building can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from the traditional safe and tidy place in which to store garden tools and equipment, to a room where a family can enjoy the fresh air and the space of the garden whilst avoiding the worst extremes of the weather.  A small garden shed may be perfectly adequate, indeed ideal, for the man or woman with an interest in gardens but limited time or space in which to express it, while a large and lively family will be looking for a room in which many different activities can take place.

If more than one person is to use the building, it would be a good idea to discuss its purposes before the choice is made, and plan and design its layout accordingly.  Granny may be thinking about a rocking chair settled snugly between racks of attractive pot plants, while the teenage twins are planning boisterous parties with music and dancing and their parents are reflecting longingly on a quiet space in which to spend an evening with a good book, a glass of wine, and some peace and quiet.

Most families manage to reach an agreement that suits everybody, particularly if they decide upon a C & S building.  These attractive shiplap designed sheds, garden rooms and garages are extremely versatile, and can be laid out in ways that will allow everybody to make the most of the extra space they have been allowed.  Doors and windows can be sited as the client wishes, to take advantage of the sunlight, and to make access simple.  Insulation is effective, so granny’s pot plants, or the gardener’s prized dahlias, will come to no harm during a cold Irish winter, and the teenagers will not be blowing on their fingers as they dance in their own clubhouse.

Both the shed and the garden room have many advantages.  When they are designed and manufactured by Irish craftsmen, and erected by experienced professionals, the choices are made simple.  Nobody needs to worry about quality and value for money; it’s just the choice between potting up the seedlings, dancing, reading, or enjoying the evening sunshine.