Writing Shed? Our Guide On Finding A Writing Shed

A Writing Shed

Have you considered a writing shed?  Virginia Woolf, who was not really in a position to draw comparisons, remarked “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”.   Any writer needs solitude in order to produce good work, but money, or the lack
Home Office Shed

The Shed as a Home Office

Until fairly recently, sheds fell into two categories; a place to store garden tools, or a luxury bolt hole, the so-called ‘man cave’. Today, for many people what was once a luxury has become a necessity.  The pandemic has meant that working from home happens everywhere, and every day.  For

Turn a Shed into a Personal Space

By now, many have heard of the American innovation known as the “man cave,” or the “she shed.” Both phrases are used by homeowners throughout the U.S. to describe garden sheds that have been taken over by one member of the household and used as a private sanctuary. Whether it
Shed Upgades | Give Your Shed An Inspired Makeover

Inspired Shed Upgrades

A garden shed can be built in any number of sizes and styles, and the best will feature such materials as steel framing and no-drip ceilings. When you have those essentials you have a long-lasting and zero-maintenance structure. And that is quite nice if you intend to use a garden

How Much Shed Do You Need?

A majority of property owners would agree that there is “just too much stuff” inside their home. However, that “stuff,” may include heirlooms and sentimental items that no one wishes to discard. That stuff may include seasonal decorations that ensure a holiday is as much fun as possible. It can
Home Theatre In Your Garden Shed? How To Get Started

Garden Shed as Home Theatre?

In this age of bespoke anything, it might seem like a great idea to add a home theater to your residence. After all, why sit elbow to elbow with strangers in an over-crowded space and risk the use of mobile devices interrupting your enjoyment when a home theatre system is