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Is A Garden Office Still Needed?

As the worst effects of the pandemic ease, and life gradually returns to normal, many people are learning from what happened. They learned a lot. One of the primary lessons was that not everybody needs to be in their place of work all the time in order for a business
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Are There Vermin in Your Shed?

“Vermin” is a word that can lead to arguments. One family’s vermin is another’s delightful wildlife. It is, perhaps, the equivalent of “weed” in horticulture. When it comes to rats in shed, you will need to exercise a certain amount of discrimination. Wasps are finally being recognised as beneficial, as
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The Shiplap Shed

Shiplap is one of the most effective means of layering building materials for a robust and weather-proof construction, which is why C and S Sheds use it for their garden buildings. Traditionally used in ship or boat building, the panels overlap each other, so the rain or water falls away
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Model Railway Shed

There are not many model railway enthusiasts who can afford to dedicate a room in the house to their hobby, so many of them are looking at a practical alternative; steel garden sheds. Some, however, are discouraged by the potential disadvantages. A cold and damp environment will ruin not only
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The She Shed

The She Shed is the Irishwoman’s answer to the Man Cave, and why not? Every woman is entitled to a space of her own, and woe betide the man who asks if it would be all right just to leave this here for a couple of hours, or maybe a
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The Laboratory Shed

Children are amazing. Emily Cummins was only four when her grandfather started to teach her how to use scrap bits and pieces to make toys. Armed with a hammer and her own imagination, she went on to develop her skills until she was good enough to win the Barclays Woman
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Choosing A Shed Floor

The purpose the shed is to serve is what will determine the choice of floor.  The shed will in any case have been erected on a firm and level base, and it may be that this on its own will be adequate.  This base, which will have been the client’s
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Clubroom Shed

A private public house or Shebeen is a contradiction in terms, but people who dream of running their own pubs are not uncommon.  Very few of them make those dreams a reality; they may investigate the possibilities, but the capital outlay, the regulations, and the sheer hard work involved are